How it Works

Please register your interest and when we have enough participants in your area we’ll be in touch to explain how you can Come Dine Together.


  1. Register free now and only pay a small participation fee* when you accept our invitation to
    join a group when participants available
  2. Prize is the total of one participant’s fee, therefore winner will be refunded in full (or prize shared); it’s really about the taking part 😉
  3. You will be matched up with other like-minded ‘chefs’ in your area (when available)
  4. Scores will be logged on the website and kept private until the end
  5. You will be notified of final score by email when voting is complete
  6. You’ll be invited to fill in a feedback form and upload any photos on completion of your week
  7. You can take part as often as you like

*£5 for participants taking part in October and November competitions, £25 thereafter

We are also looking for Testers!

Are you willing to be a tester? Take part and provide us with constructive feedback so we can build on and improve the experience for others? There will be no fee (nor prize money should you win). Please tick relevant box if interested and when we have enough participants in your area, we’ll invite you to take part.

Do you know 3 or 4 local people who’d register with us and be our Guinea Pigs?

Contact us with details.

Join a Friend

Join with a friend to half the membership fee. Just state their name on your profile in the ‘Notes’ section when registered. Both parties must state eachother’s full name.

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Come Dine Together

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